Established 2006

Duluth Cluster Schools Foundation

Mission: To unite all members of our unique community to benefit the Duluth Cluster Schools as they Challenge All To Succeed (CATS) in academics, arts, and athletics.

What we do

We Help Provide the Extras Our Schools Need




The foundation is dedicated to the students in the Duluth School Cluster and will work toward building better communication between schools and community. We support specific needs of our community and enhance areas that need assistance not provided by Gwinnett County Public School System.

There are over 9,000 students in our 7 Duluth Cluster Schools, making over 9,000 reasons
to make a donation to Duluth Cluster Schools Foundation!

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Over $170,000 in awarded grant money since 2011

MPK Mini Play Controller Keyboards Music Studies

Grant allows Duluth High School music studies students to utilize modern technology equipment to create original pieces in the field of music production. One student has gone on to utilize the technology to release music on Spotify, garnering over 100K streams.

Spike Essential Lego Sets & Terrapin Probots

Grant provides BB Harris Elementary School Students the opportunity to execute the Engineering Design Process. STEM students plan, create, code, and improve robot structures and refine their creation to make it more efficient.

Pickleball Class Set

Grant provided a full Pickleball class set for Duluth Middle School students, allowing them to learn and enjoy the sport.

Meet the

Executive Board

Cora Herb


Chi Nazareth


Laura Vladick


Greta Langpap


Explanation of DCSF Grants

What kind of grants does DCSF provide?

Duluth Cluster Schools Foundation provides grants to help classroom teachers purchase materials, supplies and equipment to improve student learning.

How are these grants awarded?

Grants are awarded through an application process. Submissions are accepted in September.

When are the grants awarded?

Monies are awarded in October, allowing teachers to implement their goals early in the school year.

How can I find out additional information?

Inquiries of Grant Allocation Process can be sent to our email,